Booking Form

If you want to book a session, here is the flow of actions:

Please fill the form with the following informations:

   (If you book several days ahead, we would appreciate a confirmation mail on the day before the session)

On the day of the session, please send us a mail with the hotel name and room number once you've checked in.

The mistress will come to the hotel.

Once she arrives, you will have a counselling time with her: you can explain in details to the mistress the kind of session you want. When counselling is over, please pay the session fee to the mistress.

After counselling, please go take a shower while the mistress prepares the room for the session. Inform her when you are done with the shower.

When the play is over, please take a last shower while the mistress cleans the room.

After you're clean and dressed, you can either leave the hotel with the mistress, or stay by yourself in the room.

※If you chose the "rest" option at the hotel, make sure that there will be enough time for counselling/play/ending shower.


Booking Form


Important points

This shop is a fetish and SM shop. Please be sure you understand the concept (kissing/touching of the mistress's genital area and breasts is not allowed), and if anything is unclear don't hesitate to ask the mistress during counselling.

Counselling is not part of the course length so you can take your time.

Customer is not allowed to fight back during M-wrestling

Some mistresses don't provide certain play/options. If you have specific requests regarding a certain mistress, please ask about it in your mail.

For food play, please provide food yourself.

Please understand that we don't provide naked mistress option.


The session will be denied/stopped without refund in the following cases:

If you break the above-mentioned rules, please understand that the play will immediately stop without any refund.

Furthermore, on top of being reported to the police if you act violently towards a girl, you will be banned from using our services and a 500,000 yen fine will apply.



No panty facesitting: 3,000y

If you want smothering to be much more challenging

Genital worship: 3,000y

Lick the mistress's holy part clean.

Anal worship: 3,000y

Lick the mistress's behind clean.

Golden shower: 2,000y

Receive the mistress's warm golden nectar on your body, face or in your mouth.

Roman shower: 4,000y

A must for emetophiliacs.

Panty/stockings take-away: 2,000y

You can bring home the panty or stockings the mistress wore during your session

Worn panty/stocking: 3000y/day

For the smell fetishists, the mistress will wear the same panty or stockings for as many days as you like, and give it to you after the session.

Special option: 10,000y

For the scat afficionados

Video/pictures with the mistress - Consult us by mail



Booking Form